Implementing WebDAV in your PHP application


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Nice talk, ofcourse the information about such an extensive topic is hard to put into an hour, but this was a nice overview of WebDAV and SabreDAV.

Interesting overview of the webDAV technology. I haven't yet used the technology so it was completely new for me, but it did give me some inspiration of situations in which this could definitely be applied. Evert is also a very good natural speaker, making it pleasant to listen to him.

And of course, Evert added some live entertainment with his phone beeping at every Twitter mention ;)

Enjoyed this talk that covered the basics of webDAV. The small examples on the actual usage were ok but there was some time left for even some more (advanced) examples like using webdav as a meta-filesystem like procFS (very interessting possibilities).

WebDAV is yet another cool component to place onto my todo-list :)

Finally the chance to meet Evert who had my attention from the early start of this project! Good to see that his initial ideas still stand.

One thing to learn though.... phone...! Sorry Evert for me finding out that you still had it turned on....

Good informative talk.
I was completely new to the topic and this gave me some clear information so I know what can be done with it.
Nice simple examples that at times even went to important details.
I'm not expecting to use it soon, but knowing what is possible is very important.