Joel test: how we do it


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Nice and interesting talk, though sometimes maybe a bit too much in-depth for some topics. Oh, and try not to talk while watching the projected screen, makes it slightly harder to hear what you're saying.

Nice presentation. Couldn't help smiling seeing the features inside e-sites deployment process again.

Nice presentation. Couldn't help smiling seeing the features inside e-sites deployment process again.

nice presentation about best practices within the company and very useful for others. The slides were good, but the demo's were hard to read (even though I was in the front row!)

Keep it up and maybe we'll see you at a conference near you :-)

Interesting to see what E-sites does to maintain quality for their clients. Part of the presentation was hard to read as dragonbe also mentioned.

Very nice talk to see so many good ideas, the pace was a little too fast. But that was mostly due to the timeslot of 30 minutes. Also when doing this talk for a larger audience I would prefer the "You should"-way instead of the "We do"-way.
Overall a very great talk and with a little work this can be conference worthy and lead to great discussion among developers!

Interesting talk, felt at times a bit as a sales pitch for developers, yet was interesting to get a honest look at the tools and processes used inside e-sites.

Nice talk, thanks for sharing nice ideas about the deployment process.

The tooling demo's where indeed difficult to read.

Not sure why the the deployment application and the live error monitoring application where split up in two applications.

Good talk. I do have to admit though that I was hoping that the talk was more focused on the theory ("why?") instead of the implementation ("how?"). As was indicated by the (to me rather shocking) abundance of raised hands to the question "Who here doesn't know the Joel test?", it might not hurt explaining *why* certain decisions were made, instead of how the deployment script actually works.

Nonetheless, this was the first talk where I actually got to see how another company does deployment and that's interesting -- I never had that pleasure before. Do be aware that, as Erik already mentioned, once you start to spread your (rightly earned) feelings of pride, it might come off as a sales pitch to your audience, although I'm sure that wasn't the idea at all.

As for your presenting: it was good. Being deaf in one ear though, I would like to point out that once you look at the screen to see what you're showing the audience and you start talking whilst being turned around, it's impossible to make much of what you were saying. But this is nitpicking; great presentation and I hope you'll follow up on it.

I've seen a talk about the Joel Test before so it was nice to see how e-sites implements the test instead of the theory behind the Joel test.

Good talk with some nice insights into e-sites.
Do try to look at the audience when talking and not at the screen, a remote might be useful.