PhpStorm productivity tips


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Kan je iets luider praten?
Achteraan in de zaal was je niet altijd even verstaanbaar.

Very entertaining and interesting talk, as a PHPStorm user. But, as with the webinars: it's such an information overload. Maarten demonstrates so many things it's impossible to keep up or take it all in.

If a keymap of Mac OS X shortcuts would've been provided, it'd been easier to follow along.

Learned several new small tips about PHPStorm. Everything was easy to understand. And thank you for taking in to account that some of us could not see the screen, you solved this nicely by moving backwards while talking.

Great speaker, and able to present the tool without making a sales pitch out of it - just showing what phpStorm can do for us, PHP developers. Learned a few useful tricks attending this talk.

Great talk! I was very glad this wasn't another sales talk.
Would like to see a multi-hour workshop to go in-depth!

as a 'hardcore' vim user i'm still not convinced :)

but: it was very interesting what approach is taken in phpstorm to solve some usability things, and make the life of the developer as easy as possible.

if i would have been searching for a new 'editor' ;) you could have conviced me.