Improving code quality with Continuous Integration


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Again a great presentation by Martin, but as a PHP fanboy, I would like to see more examples for usage with Phing for those nifty tools that you want to use with your CI. Not that ANT can do the job, but just because I can hack into Phing to make it run smoother.

Just my $ 0.02

Good presentation, both in structure and manner of presenting. The talk offered a clear outline of the benefits of CI and how it can help improve your codebase, and what components PHPUnderControl consists of.

A bit more hands-on on what's required in order to actually set things up and get started would be appreciated, although the tutorial pointed to in the presentation will probably help with that.

good overview of all tools available for integrating with phpUC!

A good presentation on Continuous Integration. I'm convinced that it's good to use CI. I would have liked to know more about how to install stuff into the CI server. Since there was plenty of time left, some practical demonstration would have added a nice bonus.