Choosing the right tool for the job. When (not) to invent the wheel


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The way you introduce de subject was a great idea but maybee to long on it? Maybee you can use another font for code example (it wasn't really readable on the projector). Slides in dutch weren't a problem for me.

Gijs, you had a great topic, but it requires a little tuning on your end. First of all, if you're going to talk about other options, don't stick to one option and mention you're not selling that option. Secondly, try to have more intonation in your speech as it was a little too monotone to keep focussed on what you had to say.

Great topic, great slide deck and a little more working on your presenting skills will make you a great future speaker. Keep up the good work.

Nice concept but needs some finetuning, the way you present the problem by introducing 2 fictive "developers" is a nice angle but was overall too long. The talk really only git interesting to me when we got past the estimates and into the practical aspect. But that might be just because I'm a developer and not a sales guy or projectmanager.

Anonymous at 11:16 on 29 Mar 2012

Maybe the slidedeck could have included some real world practical examples where you compare:

- Hello world: Framework VS Freestyle PHP
- Forms: (validation / etc) , Framework VS Freestyle PHP
- Database: ORM vs PDO

This would have proven your point better then slides about Linode pricing.

Thank you for the presentation and keep up the good work !


I'm a numbers-guy, so I appreciated the pricing comparisons and charts you used to prove a point. The idea of playing 2 "stereotype" developers against each other is also interesting.

Since it's a rather die-hard PHP crowd, I would change parts of the presentation to be more "to the point" and as already stated by the other commenters, to include more real-world examples.