Client-side Javascript Unit Testing


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Very nice talk, well done Tom!

A perfect talk with a nice pace and good combo of slides and demo code. Real conference material. Job well done !!!

Great job! Absolutely well prepared and the talk material was really interesting and grabbed the audience attention.

I love it when there is some code in a talk. Next time, don't be so nervous before giving it ;). It was a very good presentation. Explaining everything from start to finish.

Lovely talk! The content and the buildup was great and it's cool to see that xunit is finding it's way to Javascript. I also loved the automated testing on various browers.

Now that you presented it for the first time, you can focus on delivery. Just be relaxed and try to generate some crowd interaction and you'll be just fine.

Conference material !

Great talk and very well prepared!

A few side notes:
- Maybe it's a good idea to first ask the audience some questions about whether they know about unittesting and have experience with unittesting in PHP. To get a good feel about the knowledge in your audience
- You might want to consider to relate the assert functions to the appropriate PHPUnit functions for people that already know PHPUnit
- I was wondering why you choose QUnit and not one of the other unittesting frameworks you mentioned in the beginning. Might be good to explain that next time.

It was also great how you answeerd my question at the end by just trying it out. I didn't notice this was your first time speaking.

I liked you talk and hope to use in my next project. However, there Jquery isn't used, but MooTools, so I need ways to do similar things in that framework.