Unit Testing with Zend Framework


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Great unit testing talk. The perfect example of "teach a man how to fish...". All examples were well explained and simple enough for everyone to understand. Perfect starting point for more advanced unit testing techniques. Michelangelo is showing you the door. You only have to walk through it :)

Very motivating talk on doing Unit Testing: no excuses!

Great talk, with some real life examples so you see how you can test your own code right away.

Good talks, learned some interesting stuff. Only downside: you were rushing through it. Needed to catch my breath after your talk.

Slow it down and you'll have yourself a perfect talk.

It gave me some new insights in good & bad practice. Clear examples and a extra motivation to keep unit testing my projects!

Great talk about unittesting. Although i don't have any experience with Zend Framework, i could still follow the examples. Too bad we don't use ZF here, but we will be using unittesting in the future.

Very interesting topic, a mix between own experience & interest. It fitted my expectations and love to see more of such talks.