Recognizing smelly code


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Goede talk!

Wat ook leuk zou zijn om te horen is wat je moet doen als je smelly code bij je collega's vindt. Wanneer je het bij jezelf ziet is het makkelijk om het aan te pakken maar hoe overtuig je je collega's om iets te doen aan smelly code?

Good presentation about identifying smelly code and the explanation why it is a bad thing in the long run. Two minors though:

1) there are tools to assist you in identifying smelly code
2) be more explicit so you can extend your talk into a full hour talk

Great talk, was a bit short, but covered all basics and gave some good pointers. Shouldn't be too hard to extend it a bit when you include some automatic tools to detect smelly code.

Great talk, but a bit short. Maybe you could spice it up a bit with more real-life examples or anecdotes. And some coverage of the automated tools like PHP_CodeSniffer, PMD/CPD would be welcome as well.

It was a nice talk, but a bit short. You could indeed add more info about using tools to help you track your code's health. Like CDP, MD, CodeSniffer and pdepend in Jenkins or Sonar. Plugging this into your CI gives you a very nice overview in time about these metrics, so you can see when things started to go wrong. Because, a metric on it's own doesn't always say much.

Also see Sebastian Marek's presentation

I enjoyed the talk a lot, was clear although a little low level I think. You could probably lengthen the talk a little by diving into the tools mentioned above like PHPMD, PHPCPD, PDEPEND, and explaining the numbers and statistics these tools produce. I'm thinking about the depencency map and cyclomatic complexity and things like that.

Good talk, focusses on junior to medior devs. I'm not a fan of metric tools such as PHPMD, PHPCPD, PDEPEND, so it didn't bother me that those were left untouched.

Good talk, I like how you started off with a story to engage your public and also came back to that story at the end. The contents was clearly aimed at beginning developers but was brought very clear and you made some good points. Maybe you could include a little bit more design patterns and tools to counter some of these code smells, otherwise a nice talk!