Scalability issues: cure first, prevent later


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Probably the best talk I've ever seen from Thijs. Great content, good interaction, perfect pace and great sense of humor! You ROCK!!!

The presentation at 4Developers was good, this one was even better : better timing, better targeting. Excellent !

Anonymous at 08:17 on 31 May 2012

Excellent presentation skills, the best I've ever seen from Thijs. Good interaction with the "crowd" and excellent inside jokes.

Good presentation, started maybe just a bit slow but picked up very fast and had lots of interaction too.

Good presentation, nice pace, interesting content and some neat anecdotes. Are the slides available somewhere? :p

You could add a bit more info about Drupal. Maybe something about Redis / memcached. But hey, time is limited and it was already a very nice presentation. Well done!

Good presentation, brought well.

There are lots of different aspects to performance and scalability. For instance, scalability with big data or CPU intensive programs, bring a different problem set than dealing with big traffic.

As a developer having to deal with little, but heavy requests, it would have been nice if the talk focussed more on the PHP side, rather than the server side.

Maybe the only advice I can give you: alter your talk title, so it is clear that the focus will be on dealing with big traffic.

Job done well.

Anonymous at 15:43 on 31 May 2012

Very good presentation as always by Thijs. He is a great speaker to listen to!

Just some minor points of improvement; the time at DPC is just 45 minutes. To cut down the presentation time I'd like to see the varnish config possibilities cut down a little. A reference to where to get a default config on the internet with just 1 or 2 examples would be fine.

Great feedback guys, I'll keep it into account for next week. THX !

As always a great presentation from Thijs, engaging his audience a lot with questions and (most of all) an interesting story and top-knotch content! Nothing to remark on the presentation style, the one thing I maybe could come up with is to have a look at the more powerful Varnish bans (new in v3) instead of purges. But then again this isn't a Varnish talk and VCL's were already covered enough :)

Awesome talk! Half way the sppeed increased a bit, but still good to follow. Only thing that was missing for me when showing different cache-aware frameworks, was mentioning something about symfony2 which has loads of easy to use annotations for almost every type of caching. I really enjoyed the simple yet powerfull config file of nginx. Thnx!