90K reasons why security is a must!


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Great talk! Learned some things I didn't know before like the fact you have to let the goverment know if you've been hacked. Thanks for the great info and tips!

I admire how you are able to talk with just slides containing a picture. It keeps the attention of the public at the speaker.

Maybe add a litte chapter about social engineering?

Personally I would have loved some more details about the tools used to learn and test security.

This was a very informative talk and definitely showed that there are still a lot of developers out there that need to hear about security.
Also great tips and links, these will come in handy to improve.
Did not know about the fact that authorities needed to be contacted when hacked, and that there is a fine for failing with security.

Really interesting talk, defenetly going to buy and read the books mentioned in the talk.
Good build-up of the presentation and nice interaction with the crowd about our own security problems.

Nice talk but I missed a bit of more in depth examples.

You also seemed to put focus on a _person_ (scriptkiddie, amateur, pro hacker), but in fact most hacks are just bots scanning and trying whole subnets. Maybe also explain you shouldn't only secure for a person with a goal, but also for the bot that will scan you.