Testing legacy applications


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Very interesting talk about testing legacy code. Good buildup helps keeping attention. Your humorous slides aid that purpose too. It was nice having you here and we look forward to doing this again sometime in the future. Well done!

It was good to hear about unit testing again. I used to think about unit testing for new projects, but now I have seen how easy it can be to unit test legacy code. The sample code was very well chosen, it demonstrate very well was @DrangonBe wanted to explain.

I only saw the end of the talk, but the end was very good.
I feel like you should do a training with the slides about testing legacy code.
You piqued my interest into Reflection Classes and their use in unit testing.

Added phpunit to my main project this morning as a result of your talk yesterday. Lots of messy code with large functions. Thanks!

Aw, forgot to rate and can't alter it :(

Thanks for the interesting talk. Getting ready to finally dig into our codebase and start writing unit tests for our existing code, one unit at a time ;-)
Hope to catch some more interesting talks this january at your conference.