Code Obfuscation, PHP Shells & More


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Interesting talk. Try to have less of the same examples... like the ch() thing. Personal stories make things have that "extra". Loved your slides. Clear, simple...

A very good talk on the "not so evident" aspects of security with clear examples. A job very well done!

5-stars, no doubt about that. Mattias really knows his stuff and showed us the dangerous world we live in. As a fellow webhoster, I agree with everything he had to say and I hope that developers realize that there's a lot of ugly tings happening out there.

This is definitely conference material and I would advise Mattias to submit this to other conference. I would vouche for this talk!

Great talk! Learned a bunch. Was very nice to see the dangers of insecure web applications. Thanks for the great talk.

As a developer this was an eye-opener! A very informative and clear talk with a nice set of slides.

About the slides... Can i find them online ?