Bundle up your cms worries: here’s Kunstmaan Bundles!


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Anonymous at 07:51 on 21 May 2014

Really interesting talk to me as I feel like I could really use these bundles.

The talk was also well structured and not too much into detail so people with no knowledge of Symfony2 or no intention of using the bundles, could still follow and learn why they might be useful.

Interesting to hear about the road towards the bundles as well (considering other technologies, other existing bundles...).

Really great talk! For the websites parts, I'd do just one slide with the names or logos of the big websites/clients rater than a list of screenshots. People want to know how impressive it is rather than the look of the websites ;-) Other than that, I could not do that good for a first time, well done!

You speak very well, calm and clear.