Refactoring towards Dependency Injection


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Anonymous at 07:50 on 21 May 2014

Great talk. But I think this is hard to follow if you didn't get into DI before.

Great talk, with good examples to get you started if you are new to DI. They make the point, and even though you say they are oversimplified, you also demonstrated their power (by switching services that implement the same interface). As I mentioned during the Q&A, The principles of PHP package design by Matthias Noback ( is a good read for everyone interested in the SOLID principles, even though it is still in writing.

Interesting talk, but might want to consider the crowd. I think the talk is ideal for people starting out with Symfony2. If people have little experience with Symfony2 (or DI in general) this talk was probably a little hard to follow.

People with a little more SF2 experience were probably familiar with most things. Still, some cool "did you knows" (e.g. tagging console command services).

Also, congrats on the live coding. It went really well and was really well prepared. For a first time, you really pulled it off (I've seen more experienced talkers do worse).

I do think this was a bit hard to follow for people that didn't have experience with DI at all. Try to keep that in mind.

The first part of the presentation might have been a little bit to cryptic for people that have not dived into DI before but I think that it can be fixed with more explanation of the goals of the refactor on the first example.

The rest of the presentation was super nice and very interesting. I hope the slides are gonna be made available.

Very nice talk.