Javascript fundamentals for PHP developers


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Well-delivered talk. This was only a subset of relevant javascript knowledge, but given the time constraints I think it was a rather well chosen subset. There were some things which needed cutting or amending. For example, there is no point in explaining that javascript has only a single number type without explaining the consequences of that decision. Similarly the treatment of NaN and Infinite is not necessary in a talk that doesn't go into IEEE-754 floating point calculation. Maybe also include more jumping off points towards the end for people who want to learn more.

I've had the pleasure of seeing the talk evolve and must say I was impressed with how little Javascript I actually knew (despite my thoughts on it). You've made a clear comparison between PHP and Javascript, you were understandable and took your time to explain complex matters such as SEFP and Closures.

For a next talk, it may be worth checking into if you can highlight the "scope" in Javascript a bit more clearly (highlighted boxes around scope areas?) to show easily where closures start and end.

Overall: nice one Chris!

Great intro, the comparison against PHP was quite handy. One thing you could do to improve is add colored lines to make the scope chapter a bit more clear.
Conclusion: you still got it!

Nice talk! It covered all the basics, and touched on more advanced use as well.