Ruby for PHP developers


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Nice intro, a bit quick and some technical problems but quite clear. I would put Sinatra before rails or just leave it out. A bit more knowledge of php to know the equivalent would be nice.

Great presentation. But i would focus more and the perks and methodology of ruby instead of explaining the syntax.

Hi Joren,

You've made a very good effort on covering nearly all grounds, from syntax to classes, from dependency management and unit testing, ... a very solid base. For future talks, I would advice talking your time to sit next a PHP guy and have a side-by-side comparison (especially if it's a "ruby for PHP" talk) to show where the matches and differences are. I'm thinking Gemfile vs. Composer, unit testing comparisons, ...

You were understandable, you didn't appear nervous and took your time to explain things (instead of rushing through it). :-)

From my perspective as someone who didn't come into contact with Ruby before it was a good intro. I liked that the syntax was covered because it made me get a "feel" for the language before Rails was brought up. There were some hickups in the delivery of the talk, some technical and some in presentation style, which I will chalk up to inexperience in delivering these kinds of presentations. As a point of advice: spend less time reading slides out loud and more time telling a story about the slides.