Improve your software with SOLID code


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A big challenge to bring a very conceptual topic in common sense to a group of developers of all levels. Freek knows his topic well and knows the limitations of Solid and is not shy to discuss them. A talk worthy to be seen by more at a conference near you.

+1 for mentioning Belgian beer ;-)

For a first timer... Well done! Difficult subject to explain. Two tips.. Use a different color scheme for your code (blue on blue didn't work for my eyes) and make the code always as large in size as possible.

In this workshop again I learned a lot about programming howto's. Still a lot to learn for me. It wasn't always clear to me that a subject still got more data. I think the subjects have more depth.
The time was limited, but you could try to give the listener room for his own thougths on why something is thought up the way it was. A little more time for small discussions.

As Jeroen van Dijk said: For a first timer: Well done! Thnx!

At times you seemed a bit nervous and had some difficulties finding your words (which was probably not helped by presenting English slides in Dutch), but you are obviously very knowledgeable and enthusiastic and I'm looking forward to seeing more.

I liked the talk a lot and it gives enough room for discussion on some of the principles. Some of the principles might be explained a bit better by also providing a bit more abstract code. On occasion I didn't really understand how a certain piece of code would actually accomplish the principle you were talking about. Doing a small abstract snippet might put things in perspective earlier to the actual bike-examples make a bit more sense (or maybe it's just me :)).

The used color scheme might become a bit of a problem, especially when doing this talk on a bright-lit room with a (low intensity) beamer, which accounts for 90% of the conferences :). I suggest doing a white background, seems like you guys know white :P

I won't say anything on the colors, as it's been said multiple times now. I've seen the SOLID principle in a presentation at PHPBenelux already, but this was a nice recap and easy to follow.
All in all I think this was a nice practice of your presentation. Sometimes I had the feeling you were not completely telling what you actually had in mind to tell, but this can easily be solved by practicing the presentation one or more times again.