Uncovering Iterators


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Excellent overview of iterators, going through some of the standard iterators and implementing your own iterators. Brought in a very laidback way which was easy to follow by everyone (as far as I could see). Very well done, you need to start submitting this to conferences!

Very nice talk. It was a good brain refresher and I had some 'gotcha' moments like now I finally understand the IteratorIterators. The examples were great fun. You should do this more often.

You gave a warm & welcoming overview of the power of PHP iterators. It was funny, informal but yet full with knowledge good to be shared. Perhaps some performance facts/numbers will also help to convince more from audience, but all-in-all it was a complete presentation.

Nice talk. Try to make it a bit shorter the next time :) The examples in the second part of the talk were a very nice way to demonstration real-life usage for iterators, something that wasn't really clear in the first part. All and all a nice talk, waiting for the English version :)