PHP in a mobile ecosystem


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Ivo knows what he talks about, giving a very well prepared presentation on how one could start implementing mobile web applications with PHP.
When comparing a website in a browser and on a mobile device, use those device simulators (e.g. iPhone simulator) to display it as an example.
Anyways, a great talk and a very interesting topic! Job well done!!!

Since it is true that the web is becoming more mobile than ever before, he explained in quite some detail, which would be better... Apps or Browser. So they would take the best of both worlds. Very clean example and demo on how quickly you can transform it into a mobile page without to much hassle.

Nicely done

Very nice in-depth explanation about the revolution of the mobile web that is going on right as we speak. Nice examples of zend framework implementation as well. Learned a lot about the pros/cons of mobile apps vs web apps.

Thanks for the great talk!

nice and clear overview of the mobile future for web app developer and the role php has to play in it. Not that i agree with all of the assumptions wether native- or webapps will take over but i certainly learned a few things. this is definitely a talk i'll be looking back at when starting my next mobile project.
nice slides too :)

Very good and well prepared talk, which made you think about the overall direction the web is going w.r.t. mobile and which impact it has on web developers. I loved the way how Ivo didn't start out with some code examples but instead looked at the broader picture of the mobile ecosystem. Later on, the useful pointers on various bits to consider when developing for mobile were new to me and very interesting. It's a subject that'll be more and more present when web and mobile come together, and I like to see even more of it! As always: very good speaker, well done!

Very nice presentation, with Ivo you immediately feel you are dealing with a professional speaker: the content was rich and flavored with some cool jokes.
Great presentation and I can warmly advise those who are currently working or planning on working on mobile projects to attend his presentation as it really contains some valuable information.

Excellent! Everything I wanted to know about writing mobile applications was there. Thanks for the great tips about webservices and other things.

It 's also pretty obvious that Ivo has spoked before on numerous occasions. He is very pleasant to listen to and got my attention from the very first to the very last second.

Job well done! I enjoyed listening to this talk. Very well presented, and Ivo knows what he's talking about.

One tip: when showing the device detection code in a ZF project, you might want to look at Zend_Http_UserAgent, which is available as of ZF 1.11.0.

Very nice talk, in all aspects. Already looking forward to an update of it when the mobile (r)evolution consolidates a bit more.

Thanks Ivo!