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I enjoyed listening to Dennis his talk explaining how one could implement Zend_Pdf and what challenges he faced implementing it. Well prepared and given with passion to improve it. Great talk!

Very nicely explained, learned a lot about the Zend_Pdf, not sure if I would use it since it looks like it's a bugger to work with, but so have other PDF generator. Love the fact that he explained what difficulties he had faced in implementing it in his own project(s);

Good talk!

Very nice talk concerning zend_pdf, learned a lot about its implementation and usage. Bit awkward with all the coordinates though, but I think I'm still going to try to use in my current project.

Good job Dennis!

nice overview of the functionality of the Zend_Pdf group of classes, would loved to have seen some more hands-on examples but overall a decent talk!

Good talk about Zend_Pdf, although I would have loved to know more about advanced usage and real-world examples (with the nitty-gritty details). Comparison with tcpdf, libpdf and fpdf would also be interesting, since quite some questions boiled down to that. Clearly, there's some work left on Zend_Pdf and Dennis seemed very eager to get started on contributing some additions, in true open source spirit ;-)

Pleasant speaker to listen to, although I didn 't learn that much. Why not skip the feature list and go straight to code examples and advanced usage? Try to talk more about things not readily available on user and API manuals. For example, I liked hearing your opinion on the whole coordinates problem. I would also have liked a comparison with other products. Choosing a library to use for PDF generation is the first problem for any developer.

Overall a good talk! Fluent speaking and presentation skills.

Talk given with a lot of passion. I too would have wanted more real world examples on how to use it compared to other libraries and how solutions / workarounds might be handled when embedding text and images (jpg, tiff, ...) together in the same page.
Appreciated the personal honesty Dennis put in the presentation about shortcomings and great features of Zend_Pdf.
Overal I enjoyed it and I was happy with this revisit to Zend_Pdf.

Missed the "other" options and a bit more general context for generating pdf with PHP, but still a well done talk