Vagrant move over, here is Docker


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Good content, but apparently your research was not complete yet. Improve this.

Protip: don't get pulled into 1-1 discussion with the audience. This is cause for the rest to loose attention.

In general the talk is built up very well, gives a nice track to come to the result.

I think in general you know how to use it and have found a nice way to leverage the technology for yourself.

I had the feeling to make this talk really work you should do more research into the underlying technology of docker. Also watch out with terminology if you give people some terms and frequently repeat them you should make sure they are correct for the ecosystem you are talking about.

Thanks for sharing your approach to use docker for development. Its interesting to see everyone has a somewhat similar yet different approach to reach the goal.

Thank you guys for the comments.
It is indeed true that I misused the term 'kernel' when referencing towards a debian/ubuntu/centos image. However - @Ike Devolder - your suggested term "application stack" - hence the discussion - isn't correct either. It turns out the correct term for the collection of files (executables, binaries, data...) is just 'userland'. So it turns out we both - speakers on Docker - learned some new stuff. ;)
Thanks for pointing it out to me as this was the first time I gave this talk and all feedback is welcome!

@Nick Belhomme, indeed userland is the most appropriate name for it