Redis for the everyday developer


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Amazing talk. Very informative, funny, captivating. I'm actually already starting to use Redis in a large project I'm working on but this talk greatly helped ratify the decision to use it!

Very good talk, good pace,well timed transitions and a very clear goal. Clear and simple presentation of the subject in a very straight path. Very inspiring, made me want to open my laptop and do something with redis.

As expected, very good for what you were trying to accomplish with your talk.

A very entertaining talk which gives a great introduction to Redis, adding a bit more images to the slides with just a term (if at all possible) would spice it up even more.
But Ross is definitely ready for the big conferencing work!

Very impressed by this talk! Ross is a natural entertainer, even with a technical introduction as he did with this Redis talk. He already has got his "thing" wearing a not-mistakenly "Ross Hat" ;-)

No, a well paced talk with the right amount of information combined with humor and passion. This is what I like in talks, the passion as it makes it so more interesting.

For doing a first talk, Ross has done a great job! It appeared as though he was a veteran speaker and I want to see Ross doing more talks at conferences.

NOTE TO CONFERENCE ORGANIZERS: You need to add Ross Tuck on your schedule!!!

Just a tiny remark: Ross, you're a native speaker and most people understand English well, but sometimes you used expressions or words that were not familiar to the non-English audience… and I saw they didn't got the joke.

Conclusion: a rising star and a high-value speaker for conferences around the world… A+

Excellent talk - the clear goal of Ross was to inspire the audience to use Redis and he has done a wonderful job trying to do that. I am definitely going to add Redis to my server stack.

Great talk. Passionate, entertaining, interesting, inspiring.

All good. Thank you. Very nice introduction into the workings and usage of (p)Redis. Entertaining, fast paced, witty, great graphics (and George Takei for president!)