Annotating with Annotations


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Impressive talk! Great slides and I learned a lot of new things again.

Do mark this talk as an advanced talk when submitting to conferences. When you don't have a skilled audience, you will loose people while talking I think.

There are some debatable examples in your sheets which I don't know by head anymore, but the whole of the subject seems debatable. :)

Very impressive talk, nice content and slides supports the whole story. Like the combination of seriousness and humorous moments during the talk.

Rafael is used of speaking and I like to see more of him at major conferences.

An eye-opener!

I liked that you explained the "what" and "why" before diving into the "how".
Also, beautiful slides! Good engagement with the audience as well.

Nice talk!

If you are already familiar with annotations, Rafael will open your world by showing how you can program and use them yourself.

Great and animated talk. Almost lost you with the filters ;), but very interesting. You can keep the audience interested by combining the technical parts with humour. The sheets are also very supportive.
Nice topic to provide people with new possibilities.

Interesting talk, exciting subject, well prepared & humorous speaker - nicely done :)