Building and deploying applications with Phing


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Interesting topic!

Well presented. Everything that Michiel explained was supported by code examples that relate to real-life situations, which made it easy to follow.

The console outputs on your slides were hard to read, though.

This talk inspired me to experiment even more on the topic of automation.

First time I saw this talk...

Really a lot of useful information, only brought a bit to enumerative in my opinion. The same information could be incorporated into real use cases where your audience can reflect to.
I think with your consulting experience that shouldn't be of a problem!

Good luck.

A very good talk and a very nice intro to Phing. Even picked up a thing or two.

One remark: when you display output make sure you have enough contrast. It looks great on your screen but a projector behaves really different.

Good talk. Nice introduction into Phing and overview of its capabilities. Too bad there wasn't any time left for the demo.

Indeed a very interesting talk, got me interested to give it a try. Contrast in the console outputs would make it better visable on beamers with less colors.

The talk was easy to follow for people who never worked with phing.

Great overview of the project and what you can do with it, great for people shopping around.

I would have liked to see more "everyday" examples, makes it easier to get out of the talk with a "actionable" item. I would also try to reduce the bullet lists and pass that information in a different format, perhaps tied in to great examples.