Case study: linking IngramMicro to Magento


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Interesting topic, but speaker was nervous and sometimes hard to understand. A good pointer for future presentations: when showing XML blocks, copy/paste those relevant blocks in a slide and highlight the part that's relevant. Less confusing for the audience.

Keep it up and see you at our next meetings!

The talk started a bit slow and difficult but speeded up nicely along the way. Although the talk contained a few obvious things which could have been left out I was very interested in most of the points. It was a nice presentation.

Lots of "euh" in the beginning ;-) but after a few slides it was a lot better. Nice one!

Koen is a nice and honest guy: he immediately admitted that he was nervous and that gave him some credit in my book.

Koen wil need to gain some experience talking in public, but in essence has what it takes: he has the vocal volume, he makes the occasional joke and (most importantly) has something interesting to say.

I'd say: keep practicing, I'm very curious how he will evolve as a speaker and a PHP professional.

You did well for your first talk. Well done to inform the audience that you were nervous because it was your first talk and to break the tension by putting in some jokes.

When you speak in Dutch, try to mind stopwords "euh" and "leuk". They slip in your sentences very often.

Switching to the XML files, took away the focus of your presentation. For you this is probably obvious, but for the audience it looks like meaningless XML-clutter. If you put the relevant parts in your slides, you don't have to look for it during your talk either and that will keep up the pace.

A bit nervous and maybe due to that, at some parts incoherent, or difficult to understand without explaining the relevant context.

But credits for speaking for a first time to a relatively big audience.

Good first talk! But try to put your xml's in your presentation.