PHP in the dark


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Very informative. I had forking/daemonizing experience, but this talk explained the fine-grained details I kept missing. A lot of information about forking etc. is scattered over the internet, this is a very nice summary. The speaker showed knowledge in his area and was calm & informative throughout the talk. /me like!

Very good summary of what is possible and how it's done.

I can imagine the people in the back of the room had problems with the font size. Does ctlr/scroll work when you are attached to a projector? That could have been a solution. And, maybe if you cut out some of the easy stuff there would have been more room for other cool things like 0mq or more about daemontools/supervisor etc. Well, maybe you just needed two hours ;-). But overall, it was a great talk. I enjoyed it!

I learned a lot from this talk, especially the first half. Too bad you didn't have enough time to finish everything up. Perhaps summarize a bit more for next time. That being said, I really enjoyed the talk, thanks!

Jeroen's long awaited conference talk. Unfortunately I increased the pressure on him by hyping it. At the start Jeroen was insanely nervous, but later on noticed that he was doing a great job.

Let's be honest: the content was awesome, this is the in depth technical stuff I love to see at conferences. I have a compatible talk, so I was really curious to see this one.

My advice: stay cool and calm, Jeroen, you are an expert and the more you bring this talk, the more you will realize this yourself.

This is conference material (that's why we selected it for PHPBNL11) and needs to be submitted in as much CFP's as possible.


Very interesting talk. I learned a lot.

Try to be more confident.

Very interesting talk with lots of new info, but towards the end perhaps a little much (for me) in too little time. Maybe also because I didn't have a clear view on the slides with the accompanying code examples.

However, I'll try to catch up by following the blog posts you are gonna publish on the subject! Thx for the talk.

Great talk! There was only too little time to say so much.

Great talk! Wish there was time for some more examples.

Thx for the great talk Jeroen!