Puntavista case


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Interesting talk, a bit slow in the beginning but good in speed halfway. Do take notice that people can't hear you when you're looking down or away to the wall.

Keep up the good work and present a full presentation next time and you'll get there!

Very interesting talk. Although you were a bit quite, I could always keep up because of the slow but good pace.

I was in the front row so I didn't have a problem with hearing and seeing everything. :-) It was a very interesting talk.

I like the way Toon presents his talks: calm but confident.

Although 30 minutes was a bit short, he still managed to deliver a great talk that made me think about implementing Drupal in an enterprise environment.

Good talk: comprehensive, calm, confident.

If you have more time for a talk, I would suggest to give more technical background. Now we know what components were used, but more insight in the way they're operating would be nice.

A nice talk though maybe a bit too superficial on the technical level. But a good overview on the components used for this usecase.

Nice talk, but as said before a bit superficial.