Powering Your Website with Realtime Data


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Nice talk. I can put this to use in a weekend-project.

The concept and reasoning behind XMPP are interesting, and your (recorded) demo's definitely showed this.

For future talks: try to be more spontaneous. It's ok to prepare talks, but don't just read the text from a laptop. Interact with your audience. You obviously know a lot about XMPP as the Q&A showed afterwards, try to show some of that passion in your presentation by talking more "loosely" about the subject. :-)

Nice to have a talk about a more advanced setup/topic. I will definately keep this in mind when a real-time project comes along. I agree with the comment above about trying not to read too much from the screen. But all things considered, a very nice talk!

Really advanced & detailed technical talk about XMPP. Only thing that was missing for me are its practical usages and advantages. You mentioned briefly auctions/chatting and security/performance, but maybe this could be a little more detailed? All together I enjoyed learning a lot of new things about this subject!

Nice talk about an advanced topic. I could see your passion for XMPP, try to work on the stress and the rest will follow! Build a story as you told me in the break, see it as an open conversation. You're on the right track man! BTW: great example "are we there yet:)" loved it!

Good talk, in-depth and combined with some nice examples. Good move to record the demo to avoid Murphy.

A word of advice regarding the delivery: try to tell a story, don't read the text from your presenter screen notes. I know the nerves are killer, but it's clear that you have what it takes. For Zendcon just throw away all preparation and focus on the story you want to tell. You'll do a great job, I'm sure of it.

Like I already said after your presentation. I recommend to focus more about the differences between the different possibilities of using XMPP in your project. The examples are good but more time on the examples with a little bit more information is better then some slides with code if no one really understand it. Maybe it can be nice to include the examples in the slides instead of at the end of the talk.

I can only concur with the above, try to focus on getting your message across, and try not to read your presentation from the screen (people tend to get distracted when you do). Though maybe this was due to time constraints as well, since you covered a lot of ground in a small amount of time.

Try to tell a story, and spice it with some anecdotes - ie. how you solved some specific issues you encountered while implementing XMPP (assuming you have had them, but don't we all :p). That should catch the audience. Oh, and a real live demo would be great as well (with a local XMPP server), so that you only have to use the video when Murphy strikes.