Puppet for dummies


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Nice talk.

This was a very good talk: you gave a thourough introduction to Puppet, explained the different components and the workings. The live demo (without problems!) showed it all very well.

As a positive comment: you may want to emphasize the initial configuration of puppet (master/agent) a bit more, as it all seemed to go too smoothly on your test set-up. :-)

At first I didn't really think this would be an interesting talk for me. But then I realized how useful Puppet could be and I already made plans to integrate it into our workflow. So job well done for giving the introduction and inspiring me.

Really interesting talk. As you mentioned "I hope everyone gets an idea about what puppet is and what you can do with it", was absolutely true for me.

Good talk, Joshua. You seem to be quite confident in front of an audience. The content was quite good too, but try to make the demo a bit shorter. Good luck at Zendcon, you'll do a great job.

Good talk, to the point and a nice live demo. We use puppet at work (at least that's what I'm told, haven't checked the setup yet :p), and it was nice to see how it works.