It's November and this means that the PHP folks are preparing a new release by the end of the month. This year it's going to be PHP 8.0.0, a whole new version of the language that still dominates the internet.

Thursday 12th November 2020

Modernize your PHP with Exakat
Talk by Damien Seguy in Speaking slots (50 minutes)

PHP code source is a dataset waiting for a query language. And this language is static analysis. Initially, it finds bugs in the code, prepare for PHP 8.0 compatibility and help taming your technical debt. Then, as experience grows, it provides higher level insights, like suggesting typehint for methods and properties, or recommend modernising code that is still using this old deprecated PHP 4. And finally, it provide readability scores and semantic trap that bog down the ease of use in the code. The Exakat engine delivers a complete view over your code. During this quick introduction, we’ll review results from real code, and understand how exakat brings more than simple static analysis. It’s a life compagnon to know your code.

20:10 The why and the how of moving to 8.x
Talk by Wim Godden in Speaking slots (50 minutes)

With PHP 8.0 about to be released and PHP 5.x still accounting for over 30% of all production environments, it's time to paint a clear picture on not just why everyone should move to 8.x, but on how to get code ready for the latest version of PHP. In this talk, we'll look at some handy tools and techniques to ease the migration.