An often-forgotten part of PHP, just looking at the content list for the Standard PHP Library (SPL) Iterators in the PHP Docs can seem very confusing, and even reading the documentation on those Iterators doesn't really explain when or how they should be used.

But it's time to bring SPL Iterators out of the shadows with some real-world examples, explaining how they work, and how they can reduce complexity and improve readability of our code.

So join me on a roller-coaster ride as we loop through some of the most useful Iterators in the SPL toolbox, and learn how we can use their power and features to improve our work.


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Johan Vervloet at 21:18 on 8 Oct 2020

I use a generator from time to time, but this talk about php iterators was really interesting. Now I have a lot of things to try out :-)

Jos Elstgeest at 21:22 on 8 Oct 2020

Very interesting and useful explanation of Iterators.
lots of inspiration to be had here

Very interesting talk!
It's a lot to process but does the job to explain and peak interest for the SPL Iterators!

Good job Mark!

A roller coaster presentation can be hit or miss depending on structure and information overload. This talk provided a very good structure and the information got only a tad to much at the end. Really nice intro on Iterators. I am a fan now!