GitHooks - Effective development is what we want

How about if bugs are always found directly. Before we even push it. As a pre-commit hook. It's just fun.

Automated tests are super cool. They made my life so much better. I am always excited to build things that find all forms of bugs. My pipelines are characterized by very different test procedures. And then came the static code analysis.

Static code analysis is so much more than just following a code standard. And PHPStan finds so much more than only errors in code. And it is so fast. It helps me to improve my work and develop myself. It shows things in my software architecture and I am obliged to work so much better and cleaner. This is just amazing. And there are many more tools that can analyze my code.

And that doesn't need to happen remotely. No environment is required here. Like very good unit tests, they find bugs quickly. And what if I couldn't commit an issue anymore. And this is where Captain Hook comes in. This makes it very easy to define Git hooks, execute commands and evaluate returns. That makes my job so much better and more efficient.


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Naomi Gotts at 21:30 on 11 Feb 2021

It was good to hear about tools I knew little (phpstan) or nothing (Captain Hook - great name, haha!). The relaxed mode of the talk was good for just surfing around the code but at times a little more structure would have helped hold things together a bit more.

Michelangelo van Dam at 22:13 on 11 Feb 2021

Interesting introduction to static code analysis and automating it with git hooks, but the session was a bit unstructured and from time to time hard to follow.

Also in future sessions try to avoid using profanity.

I found it very useful, it introduced me to quite a bit of new tooling that I either have been meaning to try or had not heard of but sounds excellent. Definitely motivated me to dig deeper and potentially improve my workflow!