Whether you have an existing business or technology, or are considering building from scratch, this talk will explore strategies for achieving positive social impact.
Integration: of a social mission into your own development practices (walking the talk)
Correlation: of your application to a social mission
Connection: of your user base or stakeholders to a social mission
Redistribution: of your revenue model to a social mission
Promotion: of a social mission in your application's points of contact.

Finally, the art of finding the right partners, and why a social impact focus is not in competition with your product mission or your bottom line.


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Naomi Gotts at 21:32 on 11 Feb 2021

I loved this talk - something a bit different from the norm yet still related to the world of tech. Definitely got me thinking about what I might see as my "mission" and how to take small steps forwards when setting larger goals - liked the agile analogy at the end too!

Michelangelo van Dam at 22:16 on 11 Feb 2021

A stellar presentation! The passion and care for the subject were inspiring and easy to understand. You delivered this talk beyond expectation. Well done.