Geolocation and Maps with PHP


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Very interesting talk. I will never look at geolocation/maps the same as before...

Very good talk and useful for me as I'm currently working on a project which will require me to use some maps. Now I'm considering using open maps instead of Google. BTW - there are pubs in Kielce, but two things stand in the way: they may not be marked on the map and I also noticed the center of the city is incorrectly placed. Look around 50.87152,20.631588 ;)

Good talk showing that GoogleMaps isn't only possible tool for maps in web. I find out about OpenLayers project, so big thanks for that :)

Anonymous at 22:44 on 26 Oct 2011

Day after phpCon i made something like this:
degrees( acos( least( greatest( sin( radians( 50.3530539 ) ) * sin( radians( to_number( split_part( objects.koordynaty, ',', 1 ), '999D9999999' ) ) ) + cos( radians( 50.3530539 ) ) * cos( radians( to_number( split_part( objects.koordynaty, ',', 1 ), '999D9999999' ) ) ) * cos( radians( 18.9243062 - to_number( split_part( objects.koordynaty, ',', 2 ), '999D9999999' ) )) , -1), 1) )) * 111.18957696 as dist
From ...

Now i know i can make it using just one function in postresql :)


As already using with OpenStreetMap presentation was very struck to me. Very well presented the projection difference's, a lot of useful snippets. Great one!