The state of the PHP world has been most precarious over the past few years and many developers moved over to other languages and other technologies because PHP was lacking something that other emerging techs were providing.
With the rise of cloud computing, cutting edge frameworks and amazing platforms, PHP can be sexy again. This talk aims at giving an idea of how PHP, as a language and a community, evolved over the past few years and how to refocus our energy to solve today's and tomorrow's problems rather than contemplating the success of our past. We have to adapt to change and this talk will help the listeners with the transition by providing then with insight into: Cloud Computing, PaaS, upcoming frameworks as such as Zend Framework2, Symfony2, Lithium, and many more aspects of this rapidly changing software ecosystem.


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"Short syntax in PHP 5.4" woooow ;) David was great!

Great talk, I really enjoyed it

Interesting, inspiring, funny and sexy speech. Thanks!

Very good and inspiring talk! Thanks

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Anonymous at 23:50 on 23 Oct 2011

Very nicee

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Anonymous at 12:40 on 24 Oct 2011

I really enjoyed that one. Great talk!
$a = ['foo'=>'bar'];

This man on the scene feels like a fish in water, a real showman. It was enjoying listening to him, and hear laughter from the audience in couple of minutes. Dynamic presentation, with a lot of irony - in relation to PHP as well. Briefly presented tool, but it was not intrusive, which I really admire it. And at the end say only: "short array syntax - everybody makes wooooow": D

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Anonymous at 11:07 on 25 Oct 2011

Best talk I see in long time. Speaker comfortable and very nice!