Taking it to the next level


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"Short syntax in PHP 5.4" woooow ;) David was great!

Great talk, I really enjoyed it

Interesting, inspiring, funny and sexy speech. Thanks!

Very good and inspiring talk! Thanks

Anonymous at 23:50 on 23 Oct 2011

Very nicee

Anonymous at 12:40 on 24 Oct 2011

I really enjoyed that one. Great talk!
$a = ['foo'=>'bar'];

This man on the scene feels like a fish in water, a real showman. It was enjoying listening to him, and hear laughter from the audience in couple of minutes. Dynamic presentation, with a lot of irony - in relation to PHP as well. Briefly presented orchestra.io tool, but it was not intrusive, which I really admire it. And at the end say only: "short array syntax - everybody makes wooooow": D

Anonymous at 11:07 on 25 Oct 2011

Best talk I see in long time. Speaker comfortable and very nice!