The Real Value of Open Source: ROI and beyond


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Good and inspiring.

I found it challenging to talk to a new kind of audience - I learned a lot! Thanks for inviting me to your conference; I'm already working on improving my talk for next time :-)

A little too Drupal-focused at this point, but if you make it about open source in general, this talk has great potential to be given as keynote.

Thanks, Wim! You all were a great test audience; I'm working on the revisions already :-)

As Wim wrote -- looked like a praise of open source but only from the Drupal's point of view. Try to make it more general. Besides that everything was served in an accessible way. Waiting for more your talks.

This is a good talk and Jam can really tell a story. That's what I'm looking for in a good presentation: story telling. It was also very engaging and comprehensible.

But ... the talk focusses a bit too much on Drupal. This is no surprise because you're usually doing talks within the Drupal community. I think you can still keep your Drupal hat on and say that you're in the Drupal Community, see things from that perspective, but your examples have to be more diverse (= less Drupal).

A bit more focus on PHP is a good thing, but if you're talking about open source, you should also talk more about other non-PHP technologies: Perl, Ruby, C, C++, hell ... why not even .NET.

But as said: good stuff, a foundation to build upon and I definitely want to see this talk when it hits another iteration. Thanks!

Working with Michaelangelo on his slides for PHPNW yesterday gave me some great ideas on where to take this talk next. Maybe I can show it off to you in January? ;-)

But I'm always going to be pitching you Drupal, too ...

I was pleased to listen to this talk. Completely non-technical and very deep view of the world and business benefits of using open-source. I wish non-technical managers would listen to it. Great talk!

That's how speekers should perform presentations. It was like a show, great preparation, with a lot of humour.

Yes, there were a lot of references to the Drupal, but hey, it's a perfect confirmation example.