Beyond PHP : it's not (just) about the code !


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Good talk. Some handy stuff... Maybe you should prepare some blog posts as well...

It was good. You should have any blog :-)

Great talk!

Anonymous at 02:54 on 27 Oct 2013

Really good talk:) I agree with previous comments, you should blog:)

Anonymous at 08:09 on 27 Oct 2013

Fun talk, It was nice to look at examples of real live problems & solutions.

Anonymous at 08:13 on 27 Oct 2013

Good talk, at the begining I thought it would be general but there were also some detailed tips (htaccess or one core replication on slave).

Good talk, maybe a bit too much attention was given to the obvious things, but maybe someone will benefit from that.

For me was perfect, I'm waiting for next time :-)

Anonymous at 20:55 on 27 Oct 2013

Great talk showing that world doesn't start and end with just PHP.

Always try to see The Big Picture

First presentation in English. Couple of examples which affect your application's performance. And it confirms statement, that speed of PHP (as intepreter/VM) is not a problem, because real problem is your database, network or way how you wrote your code.

Speaker was fluent - it's easy to see, that Wim Godden has experience in what he talks about, and how the talkes about it.

Very good talk! Worth recommending for every PHP programmer.

Thank you! Excellent job! The big job is waiting for my projects.