Moving Away from Legacy code with BDD


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It was a pleasure to see how one can develop software with a modern approach to achieve the goal. Developers could see product development from business point of view.

As always everzet shown great knowledge about BDD and explained the idea clearly.

Really great stuff... shared knowledge for sure will be helpfull for ppl working with legacy systems

Anonymous at 08:19 on 27 Oct 2013

Interesting aproach for dealing with legacy code. I'm going to try it soon. Until now its the best lecture for me.

Nice and interesting speech but imho too much about business approach too less about programming level. After all very good.

Very good talk that showed the drawbacks of the 'this is crap! let's rewrite it all' approach but also suggested a better one.

Konstantin Kudryashov - first name, which comes in mind in PHP world when you think about BDD.

Presentation wasn't technical - there was a little amount of code - basically on "why phpspec is better than PHPUnit for TDD" part ;). It was focused about processes and how rewriting your app can end - hint - not like you want :)

One of the best presentations on whole conference.

Really good presentation, well explained. Remember - rewriting all the code is not always the best option.

It was very instructive talk on non-technical level (business level, I'd say). Thanks for that, Konstantin!

Anonymous at 20:02 on 28 Oct 2013

Well done. You did present quite intuitive knowledge, but not as straightforward as it may appear. Nicely wrapped up. I would touch some more detailed aspects of organizing legacy code renovation though. Many people have many problems with balancing amount of time during sprints, that can be put into refactoring.

Great, inspiring talk. It'll certainly be very helpful for everybodo who works on legacy systems.

Hands down the best talk at the whole conference. I was curious about how Inviqa/Sensio do BDD and I got it all in this talk ... and then some. Everzet has an awesome vibe when he talks and the subject was very well prepared and structured. Perfectly executed!