UA testing with Selenium and PHPUnit


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Good, but... I dont't know... Maybe to short or to few details about mkre complex usage?

Anonymous at 21:14 on 26 Oct 2013

Very good, was useful for me. Thx.

Anonymous at 02:32 on 27 Oct 2013

Great talk and very helpful Q&A!

Anonymous at 08:00 on 27 Oct 2013

Bit too short

Great talk, but definitely too short :(

Anonymous at 18:06 on 27 Oct 2013

Very good talk. Examples of usage might be very helpful to me. Thanks!

That was great. Simple, few examples and that is all..

Ok, let's admit - awesomeness of Selenium IDE in UA is kicking our asses... when its used right way. I just realized I've been doing it mostly wrong way all the time. Thanks for the info & so simple but useful example. IMO - extremely useful, practice > theory.

PS: I'm really gonna remember Belgium as the one "if you like beer, chocolate and french fries" place :D Cheers!

Good talk! Many interesting stuff about selenium IDE.

Too short. But really great talk

Well done, nice recorded live examples, good presentation skills

Very good talk! One thing that was missing (or I haven't noticed that one): Selenium tests are kind of last resort, if we cannot test something using other techniques/tools. That's because they're so slow (compared to eg. unit tests).

Anonymous at 20:09 on 28 Oct 2013

Nice and solid slides. I still have doubts how this can be useful in larger projects which changes a lot in html, but subject itself was explained very thoughtfully.

Good talk and had a lot of fun seeing how Michelangelo executes it in an interesting way