200K+ reasons why security is a must


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Anonymous at 12:59 on 14 Nov 2015

Great talk. A lot of things that one know but not awans use.

Anonymous at 13:07 on 14 Nov 2015

Anonymous at 21:36 on 15 Nov 2015

Year by year the same high level. Wide expertise in subject, interesting examples, good contact with audience. Hope to see Your presentation next year.

Anonymous at 08:23 on 16 Nov 2015

Great talk

Anonymous at 08:23 on 16 Nov 2015

Great talk

Anonymous at 08:41 on 16 Nov 2015

Great talk. Good, interesting examples.

At the beginning I was afraid that the speaker is going to talk about using the same password on many systems and other obvious things. But it turned out that the presentation was very interesting and had many aspects we don't think about in our everyday work.

Good talk but i was expecting more about tools and tips not only talk about "do it it's a must" :) but anyway good work

I was expecting more info about tools and interesting libraries. But in general very nice presentation.

"You are professionals, you have to behave so"!
A very good reminder that security is not an option for anyone who writes code. It should be a refelx!
Very good talk.