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Very interesting workshop. Solid introduction into Domain-Driven Design and some more advanced concepts.

Anonymous at 09:58 on 14 Nov 2015

time well spent. Thanks

Very good introduction into DDD. Solid description of all important part of DDD from Value Objects to Aggregates and event sourcing stuff. I would recommend this course for all senior software developers and/or architects who are interested in DDD.

Nice introduction to DDD, with all essential elements well described (value objects, aggregates and so on), I really liked the excercise that we had - that was a cornerstone of the rest of the workshop, it helped to get the idea behind aggregates, entities and so on very clearly. I would recommend this workshop to anyone interested in DDD.

Very good workshop. However in my opinion it was much more condensed at the beginning and a little less after a few hours. Maybe just because Mathias tried to not overload anyone. Anyway, I can fully recommend it.

What can I say, epic! Absolutely must see for anybody interested in DDD.

Interesting time with lot of basics of DDD and pro tips to catch due talk. Unfortunately only one day so there was not so much exercises as could be expected for workshop.

Anonymous at 11:07 on 17 Nov 2015

Time very well spent.