Why Your Test Suite Sucks


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Awesome talk explaining that TDD stands for Test Driven Design rather then Test Driven Development.

Though the title sounds quite aggressive, the talk was quite gentle. I really liked all the "little" suggestions for making a test suite easy to maintain. The suggestions were very recognizable. For some of the suggested improvements I now have "words" instead of just "intuitions".

By the way, several code samples contained some small errors (some variable names weren't correct, some method calls didn't have "()").

Konrad Turczyński at 12:43 on 15 Nov 2015

gr8 talk

Great examples

Anonymous at 08:30 on 16 Nov 2015

Anonymous at 08:50 on 16 Nov 2015

Nice presentation about common test problems.

A really vonderful presentation!
An eye opener on why most of us (yes most of us) are not really doing TDD and what does it mean to really do TDD correctly :)
With both explanations and concrete examples, Ciaran showed us how to really do TDD and how to avoid most of the too common traps (like testing the implementation of the code instead of its behaviour).
If you have the occasion to see this talk, don't hesitate!