Big Data in the trenches


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Anonymous at 18:11 on 2 Oct 2016

Michał Lipek at 10:07 on 3 Oct 2016


Tytus Ciunelis at 11:07 on 3 Oct 2016

Brakowa?o przyk?adów, tego co za pomoc? tych narz?dzi jeste? w stanie wyci?gn?? z danych.

I would like to see more in-depth talk (as I don't deal with big data in projects I work on), but I'm aware it is hard to fit this into 30 minutes talk. Some of the text on the slides was to small to be readable. (I was lucky enough to be in the fifth row, but I think that in the back of the room it was just impossible to see what was written in sidenotes.) It was interesting to see that plain PHP scripts are still used (and even required) in some areas. The talk was well paced and planned. The speaker definitely has extensive knowledge of the topic so hopefully I will see some longer talk from him in the future, with some useful examples.

Tomasz Wójcik at 22:14 on 4 Oct 2016

First of all - work on Your slides man, the font was way to small to see from even middle of the room, and the slide with the code (colourful font on white rectangle on orange background ... my god, I don't even see it well on my laptop sitting next to it). You didn't give me a change to read what You wrote :(

Secondly it lacked some examples of usages, a more practical approach. Felt like You talked about things I can google myself in minutes, so if You tried to convince to use those technologies You failed imho and I was very disappointed as I was very interested in that topic