Time travelling with Event Sourcing


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Anonymous at 22:54 on 2 Oct 2016

Michał Lipek at 10:09 on 3 Oct 2016


Lukasz at 12:25 on 3 Oct 2016

Szybciej i ?atwiej zrozumia?em Event Sourcing googlaj?c temat w trakcie prezentacji, ni? s?uchaj?c prowadz?cego.

A decent introduction to Event Sourcing, but without going in-depth or showing some real life challenges and how they can be approached. It is quite easy to show only strong points of this technique by showing examples as simple as a blog. A good starting point for people new to the concept but I would really appreciate some insights from real projects and pointing out difficult parts of using Event Sourcing (like is it realistic to do Event Sourcing in agile projects which change very fast, or maybe is it just for well-established domains like banking, accounting, etc.).

Dobre wprowadzenie do tematu Event Sourcing. Zosta?o podane na czym to wszystko polega, wyja?nione najwa?niejsze poj?cia. Przydatne.