If you've been in development for a while and you're anything like me, you probably still use MySQL in the same way as you did in the 3.x days - let's be honest, when was the last time you cracked open the MySQL documentation?

However, things have moved on, and these days there are some pretty awesome features in MySQL, from document store to spatial support and more, that would make your life easier, and your app faster - things that you could - or even should - be using.

Join Liam and discover what this modern MySQL looks like, and how you might use it to improve your applications.


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Really pleasent to be able to listen to all the features I was missing in MySQL. Really nice talk by a really cool and funny professional

Mainly focused on json so maybe not 10 features, however thanks for global transation id!

Sg at 18:57 on 17 Nov 2019

Nice examples! And a lot of experience

Really well delivered and even though the topic was just something that could be read in the docs/changelog, I learned a few cool tricks. Thanks for that.