Where are your credentials and secrets stored?
In .env files or in environment variables, or even worse in config files?
Are your primary AWS keys shared amongst developers?
Do you still have SSH keys from former employees on your servers?

If your answer is "Yes" to one or more of these questions you probably haven't heard the term "secrets management".

In this talk we will look into managing secrets in development and operations, and expose the problems related to them. I will give you an overview of the current state of techniques to mitigate these problems and we'll take a brief look at how an open source tool like Hashicorp Vault can provide a solution to managing secrets in the years to come.


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Srdjan in this talk makes his audience thinks about the costs and problems when someone has its project's config keys exposed. The way he did it was amazing, if not funny.

Very clear, very precise, but it looks like he was always looking into his laptop to read or remember something.