It's always more challenging to work as a leader compared to working as an individual contributor. Through this talk, I am going to share my experiences going through this transition which will be useful for other people moving along the same path.

I will share some facts about shifting mindsets, working towards making team better and increasing efficiency. As a leader, one also has to become a mentor to coach their junior team members while balancing pace and the learning opportunity.

We will also touch upon topics such as learning from mistakes, using past sprints as a guideline and using custom-made benchmarks to gauge the effectiveness of overall work. This will also help to understand how to deal with project blockers, maintaining effective communication and better tickets estimates.

Attendees of this session will take away the following:
- shifting the mindset as one goes from being an individual contributor to become a tech lead,
- balancing productivity and pace with equal opportunity for learning,
- how to act as a mentor to make the team better,
- learning from past sprints to make effective future sprints,
- handling communication, being proactive and avoiding blockers.


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A good talk, and something that is relevant to many developers, with good pieces of advice, although some was more just general and scrum advice rather than specific to lead developers.

The speakers delivery was very quick, which made it quite difficult to follow however. Improving the pacing of this talk would make it a 4 star talk.

To be honest – it was quite difficult to understand the speaker. Speak little bit slower man! :)

MG at 20:24 on 17 Nov 2019

Very nice speach about leading the team, But there were problems to understand speaker (too fast + accent)