Tools we use daily to ease development of e-commerce framework for building big e-commerce projects.

In Shopsys Framework we have been using PHP and Symfony to build big e-commerce projects for several years. We also use many tools and techniques to ensure a high quality of code and features. We will show you tools that we use to build the application, check coding-standards, test our code, run these checks on our continuous integration server etc., and how we use them in our development process from beginning to end.
In the end, you will get new ideas about how to make your work more efficient, easier and fun.


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I hoped for opportunity to meet new tools, but the speech was too short. You should focus on less known software, PHPStorm is quite obvious choice for almost every PHP developer ;)

Sg at 18:57 on 17 Nov 2019

Too short, not many tools in this set, most of them well known. I should be somewhere else

MG at 20:42 on 17 Nov 2019

Waste of time :(
On conference like PHPCon most people know what is PhpStorm, PHPStan etc.