This talk will address several points in our codes that we can improve it to make it more stringent, avoiding false positives, points that have not been tested and have actually written code that complies with our business rules, avoiding unnecessary bugs. We will work with PHP 7 types, the identical operator, weak comparison functions and counters, and more.


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Refreshing approach to sharing ideas:)

A solid talk about an important concept. PHP's 'anything goes' history means that often PHP developers have a narrow view when it comes to defining 'strict programming'. Gabriel's talk challenges us to re-think what strict programming means in an accessible way.

Asking for user input in the first slot of the conf was a brave choice, and perhaps having a few 'example prompts' to kick-start the conversation would have made this bit flow a little easier.

Sg at 18:52 on 17 Nov 2019

Not very strict info on anything else beside ofstrict typing

It wasn't my first talk by Gabriel and I love him and his attitude. It was good and I learned few things however I would enjoy it more if it was more beefy and technical.