At one time or another, every developer comes across the same problem - their application starts getting slower, then starts falling over, then isn't available at all.

Often, this comes down to too many users, too much stored data - in other words a scaling problem.

Looking at a range of options, from horizontal and vertical scaling, to caching, sharding and optimisation, Liam will discuss approaches to scaling that can be used on new applications, and also some that can be retro-fitted to existing applications.


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Really good presentation with details. Other talks lacked details and tried to touch too many subjects at once - this one balanced it well. Thanks for the trick with ORM collections!

Jakub Chadaj at 09:09 on 7 Dec 2019

I've enjoyed this presentation, the topic was interesting. Liam touched the most important parts of the subject and outlined solutions that were implemented to deal with a problem scaling the application, he explained tradeoffs and gains of solutions he implemented, presented alternatives. Very educational.